May 16, 2014

Katharina Grosse


MuralArtsProgram, Philadelphia

How does a routine train ride become a voyage of the imagination? In the spring of 2014, a large-scale, site-specific work of art rendered in explosive color will animate the heavily traveled Northeast Corridor rail line through Philadelphia. Acclaimed contemporary artist Katharina Grosse’s  psychylustro will create a choreographed experience that moves viewers through time and space, illuminating the rubble, the wild eruptions of nature, and the man-made contradictions of decay and rebirth in a post-industrial American city.

This episodic work of public art — a temporary public art installation that will transform over time as the elements reclaim the space — will unfold in a series of passages framed through the windows of the moving train, creating a real-time landscape painting that explores shifting scale, perspective and the passage of time.

“I need the brilliance of color to get close to people, to stir up a 
sense of life experience and heighten their sense of presence.” 
– Katharina Grosse

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