March 13 - April 5, 2020

Alicia Framis


Group show, 15. RischArt_Projekt, Gasteig München

Since 1983, the RischArt_Projekt series has repeatedly explored new ways of bringing art into the public sphere. Shortly before the renovation of the Gasteig, an exciting cooperation with Europe’s largest cultural centre is taking place.

In the third decade of the still very young 21st century, the often ambivalent effects of ever accelerating globalisation are becoming increasingly apparent also at the local level. The myth of the Tower of Babel seems to have become reality. In addition to important topics, such as climate change and mass migration, the question arises as to how the world can also be linguistically rearranged or even understood at all. Ten artists approach the complex topic of language and communication with works that have been specially commissioned for the Gasteig.

» 15. RischArt_Projekt, Gasteig, München

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