November 28, 2019 - August 30, 2020

Andrea Büttner

Tell me about yesterday tomorrow

Group show, NS-Dokumentationszentrum München

Between 28 November 2019 and 30 August 2020 the Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism will show the exhibition ‘Tell me about yesterday tomorrow’, which sets up an exchange between the positions of contemporary artists and current approaches to institutional remembrance work. The project is a collaboration with the curator Nicolaus Schafhausen funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation. The works by more than thirty international artists, most of them new, will explore interpretations of the past and how these relate to the present and will be presented at the Munich Documentation Centre and at associated locations in the city. The artists’ works are conceived as commentaries, critical footnotes or as a second level of the Documentation Centre’s permanent historical exhibition, expanding on it aesthetically and poetically in ways that allow multiple interpretations, enabling us to reflect on history and how it is portrayed: Who interprets the past and with what horizons of experience? Which stories are heard – or told? In what ways do historical events influence how we understand our world today and how we imagine the future? Taking the history of National Socialism as a starting point, the exhibition uses the medium of art to address the characteristics, impact and consequences of racism, genocide and dictatorship in their significance for the present.

From 21 to 31 May 2020, the exhibition will become ‘active’, with a programme of discussions and performances entitled ‘Assembly’, featuring multiple voices. A publication will appear parallel to the ‘Assembly’.

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