June 6, 2013 - January 7, 2014

Jana Sterbak

Au bazar du genre, féminin/masculin

MuCEM, Marseille

Depending on one's gender at birth, each individual is attributed different roles in society: gender is what defines this social organisation. In the Mediterranean as elsewhere, the opposition between men and women is largely founded on the domination of men.

The order of the sexes is seen as a distribution and a ranking of roles and statuses. Men get the public space, war and politics; women get the home, the family and children.
However, in today's world more than ever, this order is being re-examined.
This translates into demands, such as the fight of women to do what they want with their bodies, or to obtain the same rights as men in the workplace, politics and sports, among other things. Sexual minorities are also re-examining the established order by campaigning for the recognition of their rights.
This is also expressed in the desire that is often articulated by individuals wanting to emancipate themselves from the standards set by the institutions: family, religion, state.
Everyone aspires to choose their sexuality, their partner, their way of life and why not... their gender?
This exhibition addresses these new aspirations of individuals and the responses that they get from the societies of the Mediterranean today.

Welcome to the gender bazaar!


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