June 7 - October 20, 2019

Michaela Melián

Weissenhof City. Von Geschichte und Gegenwart der Zukunft einer Stadt.

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

One hundred years ago, the Bauhaus was founded in Weimar. The eventful history of the avantgarde school and, with it, that of Modernism unfolded across several sites. Were one to chart the Bauhaus and its global network, Stuttgart would be one of the places that left its mark on the Bauhaus and that was, in turn, marked by its influence.

As an institution committed to active knowledge production, we have invited Dani Gal, Michaela Melián, Martin Schmidl and Boris Sieverts to produce site-specific works that investigate and exemplify not only the people, ideas, impact and reception of the Bauhaus and Modernism in Stuttgart but also the Modernist impulses emanating from Stuttgart. How can we build on the ambitions of the Bauhaus and the universalist aspirations of Modernism and what lessons can we learn from legitimate criticism?

The works range from videos and installations to walking tours through Stuttgart. Satellite sites are the Weissenhof Museum in the Le Corbusier house and the Hölzel Foundation in Stuttgart Degerloch. Furthermore, the exhibition is accompanied by a rich programme of events centred on collective reflection.

Image: Michaela Melián, Girl-Kultur, 2019
Installation, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart und Weissenhof Museum im Haus Le Corbusier

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