April 27 - July 7, 2018

Karin Sander

Paperwork: Karin Sander

Haubrok Foundation, Fahrbereitschaft, Berlin, Germany

we are showing „office works“ by karin sander in the former casino of the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. she has created a number of paper works since 1990 and managed to continually reinvent these both thematically and materially. karin sander says: „the office works were created behind desks, on trips, and during work stays with the materials available to me on site. all together the approximately 1500 sheets represent a bundle, a catalog of experiences and thoughts.“ it is the first time that these works will be exhibited nearly completely and chronologically. creating an expansive installation which runs along the length of the former cafeteria of the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. most of the gaps within the installation are due to the fact that certain works are housed in collections and not available for the exhibition. the form in which they are represented mirrors not only the individual illustrations, but also the structural particularities of the rooms of the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT.

» Haubrok Foundation

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