February 10 - April 22, 2018

Beate Gütschow

Prix Pictet: Space

Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City, Mexico

Prix Pictet Space will be touring to the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City in March. This is the second occasion the Prix Pictet has exhibited in Mexico City, visiting previously in 2014 for the Consumption cycle.
Beate Gütschos work will be on public display until 22 April among the work of other artists.

Beate Gütschow's statement:
Cities grow, and in doing so they occupy increasingly large amounts of space – the built environment is the greedy counterpart of the natural realm. A space is defined only by differentiation from another space, for which it needs walls that serve as barriers or borders. These are mainly conceived and put in place by man. The walls and virtual boundaries around spaces usually have some form of opening that define one’s own position and allow one to enter a different space. Georges Perec describes this perfectly in his book Species of Spaces: “To live is to pass from one space to another, while doing your very best not to bump yourself.”

In the S series I investigate urban space, whereby I am particularly interested in architecture as a representation of ideology and in the international equality of built structures. My photographs present cities that do not exist in reality. I use computer software to assemble new cityscapes from buildings I have photographed all over the world. The resulting images are visual utopias that reflect modernist thinking, its desire for structure and its idealism. A key characteristic of modernity was an unshakable belief in progress – the idea of a process of sustained growth that would ultimately lead to a perfect society. In terms of its clarity and functionality, modernist architecture symbolises this faith in rationality. In my images, these very structures are shown to be crumbling; their substance is rotten.


Photo: BEATE GÜTSCHOW, S #22, 2007, LightJet Print (C-Print), mounted on aluminiumdibond with white frame and acrylic glass, 149 x 237 cm (image), 180 x 267 cm (framed), Editions 5 + 1 AP, © Barbara Gross Galerie and the artist

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