August 9, 2017

Katharina Gaenssler

Competition "Kunst am Bau"

Munich Re

Katharina Gaenssler’s design was selected in an “art in architecture”competition. With an area of some 400 m., the photo installation in the Süd 3 conference centre is scheduled
for completion in spring 2018 Katharina Gaenssler’s artistic concept for Süd 3 is very consciously intertwined with this location, with its light-filled domed hall at the centre and the adjacent underground light passages by Keith Sonnier, Angela Bulloch and Maurizio
Nannucci. On the rounded wall surfaces of the four seminar rooms, the artist conveys her photographic impressions of the architectural environment, which she gained not from the spatial environment alone, but also from a model of the conference centre on a 1:20 scale. Glimpses into the adjacent light passages, into the domed hall and of the cylindrical chamber bodies are conveyed onto the convex cylinder walls. Images and reflections are duplicated in joint perspectives.This duplication allows a stereoscopic experience of the light art and of the illuminating dome space on the surface. The symmetry and reflection of the shapes constructed and the confluence of lines and perspectives communicate
as an optical echo in an artistic presentation. The space is repeatedly projected onto itself. The result is a mise en abyme, an image within an image.

» Katharina Gaenssler

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