April 28 - June 18, 2017

Carlos Garaicoa


Centro Párraga, Murcia, Spain

Carlos Garaicoa (Cuba, 1967) will have a compilation of representative works in his new solo show at Centro Párraga, those who refer to the imaginary construction of the city. His work talks about the past and the present through memory, decay, desire, architecture, utopia, and the relationship between reality and fiction. 

The city as a representation of individual and collective memory has been a current topic in his career. This project focuses on the procedural part of his pieces, showing different social realities through a great variety of languages and techniques questioning the observers and taking them to a space for reflection, where matters like the ability of architecture to change the course of history, the failure of the modernity as a catalyst for social change or the decay of XX century utopias, are revealed. 

 Image: Carlos Garaicoa, Pespectives II, 2015, detail.

» Centro Párraga

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