October 11 - November 17, 2013

Tejal Shah

No One Belongs Here More Than You

54. Oktobarski salon, Belgrad

The concept
and the structure of the international contemporary art exhibition No One Belongs Here More Than You stand for a grounded sense towards singular subjectivities that are collectively bound and outward-oriented by the feminist concept of sustainability. By bringing together artists, collectives and the public, No One Belongs Here More Than You creates different “(non)working stations”: the Exhibition, the Forum, the Perpetuum Mobile, the Audio/Video Booth, the Reading Room, the Digital Oven, the Music Spot and the Curatorial School. This way, this living archive (re) produces an interactive space – the space of a loud (feminist) articulation out of which it is possible to reflect, rework, emancipate and sustain one’s own and our own positions.
* With thanks to Miranda July, from whose eponymous stories the title of the exhibition is taken.

» 54. Oktobarski salon

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